What should i do if i am not satisfied with the services provided by my public adjuster in north carolina?

If you have questions, call the Insurance Department at 855-408-1212 for help. Show the adjuster where the damage is. We know that insurance can be confusing. One of our most important tasks is to help educate North Carolinians on insurance-related issues so that they can make informed decisions for you and your family.

If you have questions about insurance, need to file a complaint, or want to report suspected insurance fraud, we can help. The enormous size of these properties, as well as the complex structure of insurance coverage, require professional public assistance to make adjustments. The North Carolina Department of Insurance aims to respond quickly, clearly, and courteously to consumers' insurance-related questions and complaints, to help consumers resolve those complaints whenever possible, and to help consumers understand their options for dealing with insurance-related issues. State and local governments, including school boards, seaports and other publicly owned facilities, are increasingly turning to professional public appraisers to help them correct large losses caused by catastrophic events.

Some state and government agencies that have suffered large losses have signed pre-loss service contracts to ensure that a professional public valuation company is available and ready to operate before the loss. The North Carolina Department of Insurance is committed to seeking a fair deal for all parties to insurance transactions.

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