Are there any organizations or associations that provide assistance to policyholders dealing with insurance companies and their representatives in north carolina?

The North Carolina Department of Insurance aims to respond quickly, clearly, and courteously to consumers' insurance-related questions and complaints, to help consumers resolve those complaints whenever possible, and to help consumers understand their options for dealing with insurance-related issues. State life and health insurance guarantee associations offer a safety net to their state's policyholders, ensuring that they continue to receive coverage (up to the limits established by state law) even if their insurer is declared insolvent. Working together through the NOL.HGA, warranty associations form a national safety net that protects insurance consumers across the United States in their time of need. The Commission, in negotiating the contract, is not authorized to promise or offer the credit of the State of North Carolina.

(B) After consulting with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, the Commissioner may include workers' compensation insurance policies as health benefit plans for the purpose of administering the provisions of this section. The return will indicate the total of the company's presumed premiums or premiums in North Carolina for the tax year and will be accompanied by any supporting documentation that the Secretary of the Treasury may require, under the rule. This subsection also applies to rate statements filed by the North Carolina Motor Vehicle Reinsurance Service under section 37 of this Chapter. All public education boards can insure all public education properties entitled to that board against direct loss or damage caused by insurable hazards in the Fund's public education buildings and other public education properties.

THE TRUST FUND IS NOT SUBJECT TO ANY INSURANCE GUARANTEE ASSOCIATIONS, ALTHOUGH THE TRUST FUND IS OVERSEEN BY THE NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE. Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this section, if such dedicated amounts are used solely for supplemental retirement under the guidelines provided by the North Carolina State Fire Association, such dedicated amounts will not be counted toward the maximum balance allowed under subsection (a) of this section. The Commissioner may open proceedings or hearings or make public notices, correspondence, reports, records, or other information if he believes that it is in the best interest of the insurer, its insured or creditors, or the general public. A quarter of the appropriation made from the general fund to finance the pension fund will be transferred quarterly to a special fund that will be known as the Pension Fund for Firefighters and Workers of the North Carolina Rescue Squad.

It does not contain any provision that excludes from coverage claims that are subject to the Workers' Compensation Act, Article 1 of Chapter 97 of the General Statutes, unless the exclusion extends only to specific medical positions for which the employee, employer, or airline is responsible or responsible in accordance with a final judgment of the claim under that article or an order from the North Carolina Industrial Commission approving a settlement agreement concluded pursuant to that article. article. No real estate title insurance company will guarantee or insure at any risk on real estate located in North Carolina more than forty percent (40%) of its combined capital and surplus without first having the approval of the Commissioner, an approval that will be included in the policy. If any corporation or association that transacts insurance in this state under the evaluation plan or issues a policy on the life of a North Carolina resident under the evaluation plan will not comply or refuse to comply with G.

F) A person who operates with a de minimis registry to contract professional services from employers in North Carolina and fails to meet any of the requirements for de minimis registration under this section must apply for a professional employer organization license. B) From the members initially appointed by the Commissioner, those nominated by the North Carolina State Firefighters Association and the nominees of the North Carolina Fire Chiefs Association and the nominees of the North Carolina Professional Firefighters Association and the North Carolina Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Association, Inc. The Commissioner's notification to an insurer of a risk-based adjusted capital report indicating the event in the subdivision (of this subsection), if the insurer does not challenge the risk-based adjusted capital report in section G. The insurer and its agent can meet the requirements of this section by obtaining reliable proof from the applicant of residence in North Carolina and of their eligible risk status within 25 days from the date the coverage is effective.


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