Are there any laws or regulations governing public adjusters in north carolina?

B) On behalf and at the request of an insurer that appoints an agent or limited representative, the agent or limited representative may, from time to time, act as an appraiser and investigate and report on claims without having a license as an appraiser. As used in this subsection, emergency insurance adjustment work includes, among others, (i) adjusting a single loss or losses arising from a common event or disaster to all such losses or (ii) adjusting losses in any area declared a state of emergency or disaster by the governor under G. A representative of a list of two nominees presented by the North Carolina Life Insurers Association; G) The public appraiser will disclose to the insured if the public appraiser has any interest or will receive a compensation from a construction company, rescue company, building appraisal company, motor vehicle repair shop, or any other company that performs any work related to the damage caused by the insured loss. A representative from a list of two nominees presented by the North Carolina Adjusters Association;.

Visit the North Carolina State Insurance Commissioner's Office website regularly to find any rules, regulations, or other updates they may have published that are specific to the disaster. H) The public appraiser shall disclose to the insured in writing any compensation or anything of value related to a specific loss of the insured that a public appraiser receives, including the origin and amount of such compensation. A representative of property and liability insurers from a list of two candidates submitted by the North Carolina Association of Property and Accident Insurance Companies; and. B) A public appraiser shall not solicit or attempt to solicit an insured during the course of an event that generates losses, as defined in the insured's insurance contract.

North Carolina has adopted the Unfair Claim Resolution Practices Act. Some examples are listed below in N. An appraiser who intends to adjust crop insurance claims must submit to the Commissioner proof that the adjuster has passed the required exam in accordance with this section. C) Upon submission of the application for an adjuster's license, the advance payment of the examination fee and the submission to the Commissioner of a certificate signed by the applicant's employer, the Commissioner may issue a learning permit authorizing the applicant to act as an adjuster for a 90-day learning period without the need for any other leave.

The person required by this subdivision to maintain a bond may, instead of that bond, deposit the equivalent amount to the Commissioner in cash, in certificates of deposit issued by banks organized under the laws of the state of North Carolina or in any national bank that has its main office in North Carolina, or in securities, which shall be maintained in accordance with Article 5 of this Chapter. No agent or limited representative will adjust for any losses when the agent or representative's compensation for the sale of the insurance depends in any way on the adjustment of those losses. The public appraiser will not enter into a contract or accept a power of attorney that gives the public appraiser the effective authority to choose the people who will perform the repair work.

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