What are the rights of policyholders when dealing with insurance companies and their representatives in north carolina?

Your insurance company and employees must be fair and reasonable and comply with state laws and regulations. They must do timely, exhaustive and. They must conduct a timely, thorough, and impartial investigation and evaluation of their losses and claims. They must work with you to adjust your claim and pay what they owe in a timely and fair manner, and in full compliance with the policy, contract and applicable laws.

This subsection can also be used to provide liability coverage limits for motor vehicles higher than those required under Article 9A of Chapter 20 of the General Statutes and higher than those that could be assigned to the North Carolina Reinsurance Service under Article 37 of this Chapter to individuals whose personal excess liability insurance policies require them to maintain specific limits of greater liability coverage. Nothing in this section is intended to prevent the Insurance Commissioner from entering into a memorandum of understanding with the South Carolina Department of Insurance regarding the application of South Carolina law against real estate title insurance companies subject to this section. A person who holds a property, accident, or personal line insurance license can apply for an appraiser's license without having to sit for the G appraiser exam. The insurer and its agent can meet the requirements of this section by obtaining reliable proof from the applicant of residence in North Carolina and of their eligible risk status within 25 days from the date the coverage is effective.

Provide for the payment of any firefighter contribution to the North Carolina State Fraternal Fire Insurance Fund if the board of trustees determines that the firefighter cannot afford such evaluation for reasons of disability. Money allocated to the Department of Insurance to pay for expenses incurred in connection with providing staff support to state boards and commissions, including the North Carolina Prefabricated Housing Board, the State Fire and Rescue Commission, the North Carolina Building Code Council, the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board, the Public Officials and Employee Liability Insurance Commission, the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board, and the Voluntary Safety Workers' Compensation Board. Provide for the benefits of (i) a supplementary retirement, including the payment of monthly firefighter dues for the North Carolina Rescue Squad Firefighters and Workers Pension Fund, (ii) workers' compensation, including the payment of premiums to the Worker's Compensation Fund established under G. Requires the insured to authorize an insurance company to issue a check solely in the name of the public appraiser.

The Commission, in negotiating the contract, is not authorized to promise or offer the credit of the State of North Carolina. G) Contracts shall be executed in duplicate to provide an original contract to the public adjuster and an original contract to the insured. C) Certificates of deposit issued by any creditworthy bank domiciled in the state of North Carolina. B) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, the Commissioner shall recognize an independent certified public accountant as qualified as long as he meets the standards of his profession, as contained in the AICPA Code of Professional Ethics and in the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct of the Board of Examiners of Certified Public Accountants of the State of North Carolina or a similar code.

B) A captive insurance company shall require its independent certified public accountant to immediately notify an officer and all members of the board of directors or other governing body of the captive insurance company of any determination by the independent certified public accountant that the captive insurance company has materially misstated its financial situation in its report to the Commissioner, as required in G. The North Carolina State Firefighters Association will administer the Fire Relief Fund as a prudent trustee of the funds, in accordance with Chapter 36E of the General Statutes. A valid and current North Carolina driver's license issued to the applicant and showing the applicant's current address in North Carolina. A) A State Asset Insurance Fund for Public Education (Fund) has been established as a special fund in the State treasury for the purpose of providing a reserve against loss of assets to public education boards.


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