How can i make sure that my claim is being handled properly by my insurance company and their representatives in north carolina?

Michelle is an insurance analyst at Forbes Advisor. He has been a journalist for more than 30 years and has written about consumer insurance for the past decade. Before turning to insurance, Michelle was a lifestyle reporter for the New York Daily News, editor of a consumer technology magazine, a foreign correspondent for Time, and a reporter for several local news agencies and newspapers. The North Carolina Department of Insurance is committed to seeking a fair deal for all parties to insurance transactions.

If you are the victim of an accident or illness caused by someone else, the North Carolina personal injury law firm of Martin %26 Jones has the experience, skills, and sensitivity needed to make your path to recovery as smooth as possible. Your insurance company must issue you a document demonstrating your financial responsibility that shows that you have the insurance coverage required by North Carolina law. While it's best not to move the car after an accident (this makes it easier to investigate), North Carolina law prohibits vehicles stranded on the main part of the road, except when they are incapacitated. In most car accidents, the investigating officer will determine if North Carolina law has been violated and will indicate all violations in the accident report.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance aims to respond quickly, clearly, and courteously to consumers' insurance-related questions and complaints, to help consumers resolve those complaints whenever possible, and to help consumers understand their options for dealing with insurance-related issues. If you are even partially at fault, the other driver's insurance company has a legal defense under North Carolina law. For more serious violations of North Carolina law (for example, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving recklessly), a criminal arrest can be made.

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