How long does it take for a public adjuster in north carolina to process an insurance claim?

This process usually takes two to six (2) weeks. Based on the results of your background check, the Department of Insurance may request more information or documentation. After the review is complete, you will receive an email from Pearson Vue with information about the status of your license. A public appraiser is an independent insurance professional that the policyholder can hire to help resolve an insurance claim on their behalf and can save policyholders time and frustration.

AdjusterPro offers more than 40 hours of state-approved continuing education courses for North Carolina appraisers, including mandatory courses on floods and ethics. North Carolina will also accept a license from the Designated State of Residence (DHS) from an appraiser whose state of residence does not grant a license. North Carolina appraisers will not receive credit for any CE courses they have taken twice in a 24-month period, regardless of their license compliance cycle, so be sure to track and plan your CE courses accordingly. To minimize the time between disaster and recovery and to reduce the frustrations associated with the claims process, it may be useful to use a public appraiser.

Once you have your license from the state of residence of North Carolina or the designated state of residence, you must apply for reciprocal licenses so that you can work in more states, which will make you more attractive to potential employers. Reciprocity means that an appraiser who holds a license from the home state can apply for an appraiser's license in another state without having to take that state's exam. North Carolina requires applicants to submit an initial application for residency before taking any required licensing exams. Appraisers resident in North Carolina must complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years, including 3 hours of ethics.

Applicants cannot simultaneously apply for or hold a public appraiser's license and a motor vehicle damage appraiser's license. Before you start taking steps to get your resident appraiser license, make sure you meet North Carolina's basic requirements. We also include information on how to renew your North Carolina license and how reciprocity works for North Carolina appraisers, so that you have everything you need to obtain and maintain your license. In addition, using a public appraiser for large loss claims can mean faster resolution of claims and a fair settlement by the insurance company.

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