Are there any laws or regulations governing the relationship between policyholders and insurance companies and their representatives in north carolina?

An insurance contract is an agreement by which the insurer is obliged to pay an amount of money or its equivalent or to perform some act of value for the benefit of the insured when,. The general statutes published on this website are not official. Read the warnings for more information. Yes, as long as the in-house counsel acts solely for the insurance company in the proceedings.

Yes, as long as the insurance company is a true stakeholder and has rights that would be affected by the assignment of the liquidation proceeds. However, the lawyer could not adequately represent the insured in this situation. B) Local units of the North Carolina State Volunteer Firefighters Association shall maintain records and report to the North Carolina State Firefighters Association in accordance with G. (C) The North Carolina TransPark Global Authority shall notify the Insurance Commissioner in writing that the Authority is entering into a contract or modifying a contract to which the exemption under this section would apply at least 30 days before entering into or modifying that contract.

H) The North Carolina Tariff Office will assign an insurance point under the Safe Driver Incentive Plan to people who do not give way to an underage pedestrian. Nothing in this Part shall be interpreted as amending, modifying, or replacing the North Carolina Unclaimed Property Act, Article 4 of Chapter 116B of the General Statutes, including the authority of the North Carolina State Treasurer's Department to review records and conduct an audit. A quarter of the appropriation made from the general fund to finance the pension fund will be transferred quarterly to a special fund that will be known as the Pension Fund for Firefighters and Workers of the North Carolina Rescue Squad. Unless the rules of the appellate procedure provide otherwise, the Insurance Commissioner's case of appeal shall be titled State of North Carolina ex rel.

If the insured decides not to participate in this program or if the parties are unable to resolve the claim, the insured may choose to follow the evaluation process set out in the insurance policy, through litigation, or through any other dispute resolution procedure available under North Carolina law. No agent or limited representative will adjust for any losses when the agent or representative's compensation for the sale of the insurance depends in any way on the adjustment of those losses. D) Any rating agency established by decision of the North Carolina General Assembly shall be exempt from the fees in this section. In this subsection, or if the grantor of the trust has been declared insolvent or has been declared insolvent or bankrupted, rehabilitation, liquidation, or similar procedures under the laws of his state or country of residence, the trustee shall comply with an order from the public official with regulatory oversight over the trust or with an order from a court of competent jurisdiction ordering the trustee to transfer to the public official with regulatory oversight all the assets of the trust fund.

No public appraiser will collect, accept, or accept as compensation or reimbursement any payment, commission, fee, or anything else of value equal to more than ten percent (10%) of any insurance agreement or product. The Committee shall be composed of at least two residents of the facility, two representatives of LeadingAge North Carolina, one person who is a certified public accountant licensed to practice in this state, one person trained in the field of architecture or engineering, and one person who is a health professional. The insurer will consider unearned premiums deducted as set forth above to be fully paid, and no person may claim unearned premiums against the North Carolina Insurance Guarantee Association or similar organization in the policyholder's state of residence. A violation of this subsection shall constitute a violation of the Pharmaceutical Practice Act, which subjects the pharmacist, as a licensee, to the disciplinary authority of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy in accordance with G.

D) Reimbursement for a mammogram authorized under this section will be made only if the facility where the mammogram was performed meets the mammogram accreditation standards established by the North Carolina Health Care Commission. The Commissioner's notification to the insurer of a risk-based adjusted capital report indicating the event in the subdivision (of this subsection) if the insurer does not challenge the risk-based adjusted capital report in section G. .

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