What is the process for filing a claim with a public adjuster in north carolina?

A public appraiser is hired by the person filing the claim and works for the person filing, negotiating, and settling the claim. Insurance adjusters are professionals trained in insurance law. Once they learn about your injury, they will open a “claim file,” which will then be audited by the adjuster's supervisors to determine if they are paying too much for the claims. Whether it's a personal or commercial property claim, a North Carolina public appraiser will inspect the claim for free.

A) The public appraiser, by virtue of his license, will serve with objectivity and total loyalty only to the interests of his client and will provide the insured with information, advice and service, according to the knowledge, understanding and opinion of the licensee, that best suits the needs and interests of the insured in terms of insurance claims. Your North Carolina public appraiser will work to accurately assess your loss and present the best possible case to your insurance company. Unlike insurance agents, public appraisers don't need to complete any type of pre-licensed education to get a license in North Carolina. The bond ensures that the public receives compensation for financial damages if the adjuster fails to comply with the regulations described in North Carolina Statute 58-33A-50.

The North Carolina legislature enacted the licensing requirement to ensure that adjusters practice ethical business practices. A public appraiser will accurately measure the dimensions of your home and calculate the extent of the loss, which will include the appropriate square footage of your property. Paraphrasing North Carolina Statute 58-33A-5, a public appraiser is a person who helps policyholders file claims against policies that cover their real or personal property and negotiates with airlines to ensure that the insured receive the highest possible payments. North Carolina requires public appraisers to purchase a bond as part of the application process for a business license.

Because the bond is considered relatively low-risk, the same low rate is offered to all public appraisers in North Carolina, regardless of their credit history. North Carolina requires public appraisers to purchase a bond as a prerequisite for obtaining a business license. The North Carolina public appraiser will properly assess the damages and accurately determine the full scope and value of the claim. AAA Public Adjusters of North Carolina works on your behalf to obtain an estimate of the loss that accurately includes every element of your claim.

No public appraiser, although authorized by the Department, can represent or act as the company's appraiser or independent appraiser in the same claim.

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