What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster in north carolina?

The main difference is that they represent the insured and work under contract. When policyholders file a property insurance claim, a public appraiser will advocate for them.

Public appraisers assess

property damage, create accurate estimates, compile documentation, and help file insurance claims. An insurance agent is someone who sells insurance to you.

They are licensed by the state and are typically employed by an insurance company to sell insurance policies on behalf of the company, for which they receive a commission. Most policyholders don't know that it's their responsibility to file the claim and demonstrate the burden of proof. This gives your insurance company an advantage in the claims process. AAA public appraisers have been defending policyholders against their insurance companies for more than 25 years and can properly present the claim to their insurance company.

Yes; the short answer is yes. However, many people don't realize that they can actually have representation on their side. Insurance claims are very one-sided, especially if you let the insurance company decide how much money you will receive for a claim. In addition, many North Carolina policies are covered by laws and ordinances and have specific codes that must be followed.

Here are some examples of how your insurance company can “overlook damages” during the estimation process and how an experienced public appraisal firm, such as Strategic Claim Consultants, can help policyholders increase the payment of their claims. A North Carolina public appraiser fights for maximum settlements to ensure that the homeowner has sufficient funds to complete their repairs. We also have other public appraisers who focus on fire and water, and others who work primarily with public appraisers. A certified and licensed public appraiser is an expert in insurance claims and will defend you during or even after the claim process.

The North Carolina public appraiser will properly assess the damages and accurately determine the full scope and value of the claim. Most states have created the position of public appraiser, that is, a licensed insurance adjuster who represents you, to the public. Public appraisers collect their payment at the end, from the agreement they obtain from the landlord or the insured. AAA Public Adjusters of North Carolina works on your behalf to obtain an estimate of the loss that accurately includes every element of your claim.

Your North Carolina public appraiser will work to accurately assess your loss and present the best possible case to your insurance company. Since North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, this means that even if you are found partially at fault for an accident, you are not entitled to compensation or restitution for injuries or damages. North Carolina AAA public appraisers will even recommend a mitigation company to help you with your loss. Depending on the area of the country in which you are located, some public appraisers will handle different types or amounts of claims.

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